I Love the New Appearance Collection in World of Warcraft

In advance of the release of Legion, the latest expansion for World of Warcraft, Blizzard have dropped their big pre-expansion patch.  The patch has changed a lot of things, but one real highlight is the new appearance collection.  This system works in a similar way to the other collection tabs, such as pets, toys and mounts.  As with the other collection tabs, this takes a huge strain off the player’s bag and bank space, which was always at a premium for packrat players who kept all of the cool-looking gear that they picked up – especially since the transmogrification system was introduced, allowing them to change the appearance of their gear.

This week, I have been mostly playing dress-up with my characters.  Now, several of these are lower level characters, so don’t have the full range of choice that others have, but here are a few of my characters with whom I have tried out this new system:

You can click each one for a closer look.  You may also be able to tell that I quite like purple.

I think this new system is fantastic, especially is used by lower level players, as one of my big issues with the level-boosting Heirloom gear that people use to level is that it makes all characters look the same.  This system lets you be more creative in how your character looks, and that is a fantastic feature.

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