Hobby Update 30/03/18: Fightin’ Commies and Settlin’ Mars

Hobby Update 30/03/18: Fightin’ Commies and Settlin’ Mars

March 30, 2018 0 By Tavendale

The week began with some really great games.  First up, I got to play one of my absolute favourite games (number 4 on my top 50 of 2017), Twilight Struggle.


I played as the US and won just before we entered the late war stage.  I eventually won through my control of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  I kind of just left Europe to the Commies, keeping just enough influence in the region to stop an automatic victory for Russia when the Europe scoring card was played.

I then learned a new game in the form of Terraforming Mars.  It’s been on my shelf since last Summer and it was great to break it out, learn to play and score a narrow victory.

We made a couple of mistakes, most notably in some of our tile placements, such as forgetting that cities could not be placed side by side.  I really liked the game and enjoyed both the concept and how each of the systems worked.  The art is a bit inconsistent and can look quite goofy, but this is a minor concern in the face of a very fun game.  We had a game of it at the club on Thursday, too.

Later in the week, my wife and I played some Dominion with the worst set of cards I’ve ever used.  We didn’t put out any cards that allowed an extra buy and there just wasn’t many good opportunities for card synergies.


The lack of buying options did result in a shorter game, as we found ourselves heavily favouring the purchase of Gold, rather than many of the kingdom cards.  This led to a big ramping up of purchasing power which quickly depleted the Province pile.  In the end, my wife won the game by a 2 point margin.

I also had play about with the airbrush that my wife bought me for Christmas, trying it out on a plastic model and some MDF buildings.  I really enjoyed trying it out, but it is going to take a wee while to get used to.  I’m delighted that I’ve finally started painting some of my MDF, though.

I can see myself using this heavily with my MDF buildings and to undercoat my Pink Horrors and Brimstones for my upcoming 40K Daemons.

Speaking of the Daemons, this pile of plastic arrived early in the week to bolster my Daemonic forces of Tzeentch in both 40K and Age of Sigmar:


Excited to build the Lord of Change, in particular!  Thinking of building him as Fateweaver, as my group won’t have a problem with me using him as a generic LoC when needed.

And that’s the week that was.  Ciao!