Hobby Update 26/01/18: Buildin’ Kingdoms

Hobby Update 26/01/18: Buildin’ Kingdoms

January 26, 2018 0 By Tavendale

This week’s been a good ‘un, hobby-wise.  First up, I finished off the test model for my Flesh Tearers Space Marines.  Generally, he looks ok.  There are few places where they paint went on a tad think, but the armour looks good.  The face looks terrible, but I’m happy with the effect overall.  Maybe I’ll just stick to helmeted heads from here on out…

Other than that one Space Marine, I spent 20 minutes or so unsticking the various models that I spraypainted last week from their scrap of cardboard.  I snapped a quick picture of them on my desk.  I also started painting my USAriadna for Infinity.  I’ve not done much yet, just putting down some base colours.  Since the picture below was taken, I’ve done a bit more, mostly around the weapons.

A package also arrived today with basing materials from War World Scenics.  It’s an odd hobby we have when we find ourselves ordering boxes of sticks and stones.

Games-wise, I got a few games in on Wednesday and Thursday.  On Wednesday, we played some Kingdom Builder.  I originally bought this game a few years back, entirely on the reputation of the designer, Donald X. Vaccarino.  He designed my beloved Dominion.  I didn’t really like the game, though.  I was really disappointed, truth be told.  I think I’ve now changed my mind, and it’s really grown on me.  Perhaps I’ve seen that there’s more to it than I originally thought, or perhaps I’ve grown more used to thematically-dry Eurogames.  Either way, I’m really liking Kingdom Builder at the moment.

On Thursday, I went along to the weekly meeting of the Northern Knights.  It was a good evening.  There were a couple of people playing Star Wars: Destiny, some people painting miniatures and we set things up for this weekend’s Age of Sigmar: Skirmish event.

I played two different games, three times each.  The first of these was Arcane Academy.  This game was new to me, but I picked it up quite quickly and really enjoyed it.  I love how it works and how you can build lots of different synergies on your board and among your spells and items.  I ended up ordering myself a copy!

The second game was Kingdom Builder again.  As I said, I’m loving this game just now, so it was a treat to get it onto the table for a few rounds.  The randomised objectives were quite good for the first two games, but we drew a rather odd combination for the third game, which led to some odd strategic decisions!


With the even this weekend, I hope to be able to share lots of pictures of painted Age of Sigmar models in next week’s update.  See you then!