Hobby Update 23/03/18:  40K and Star Wars and Forest Spirits and Stuff

Hobby Update 23/03/18: 40K and Star Wars and Forest Spirits and Stuff

March 23, 2018 0 By Tavendale

Lots of games this week!

First up, I had a great day of games on Saturday, starting with an introduction to the current edition of Warhammer 40,000.  It was also the first time using my home setup, so I got to break out the mats and wooden buildings!

I wrote up my thoughts on the game earlier this week.  It was good.  I had fun, both with the game and the company.

Next up, we broke out my favourite board game, Star Wars: Rebellion.  My opponent had played once before, where he tried out the Galactic Empire.  This time he was keen to try the Rebels, so I took on the role of the Emperor.

I did quite well, all in all.  I was foiled in my attempt to turn Mon Mothma to the dark side, but I did take joy in capturing first Princess Leia and, later, Luke Skywalker.  I also may have gone on a bit of a rampage with the Death Star (shown above) that included destroying the Wookie homeworld.  They had it coming.

Mid-week I had a rummage among my various models for all of the Daemons I could find.  I’m intending to play as Daemons in our club’s upcoming slow-grow and getting everything I already have in one place will help me avoid unnecessary purchases.  I found rather a lot:

I’ve included a Vampire Lord that I found, along with Blood Knights and Black Knights.  They made me smile.  But yeah, Daemons.  I have most of what I need.  I will possibly need some more Brimstone or Pink Horrors, maybe a Soul Grinder, and definitely a Greater Daemon.  Other than that, I’m good to go.  Will probably pick these up when my refund from CMON finally arrives in, hopefully, a week or two.

My Wednesday group this week did not play a large game, but a couple of smaller ones instead:

One of the group members loves Kodama, so we played Kodama.  I will say it’s not my favourite, and it got a mixed response overall, but it’s still fun and it is a very pretty game.  After that, we played Hive, which is a favourite of mine.  I like the strategy of it, and also the purity of it.  It tries to do one thing really well and doesn’t have too much going on or too many moving parts.  It just works really well.

I also fit in a quick game of Onitama.  Onitama is a bit like Hive in where it fits into my collection and the itch it scratches, but unlike Hive I’ve not played it a huge amount and feel I’m still just getting used to how it works.

Finally, we put the finishing touches on our characters for our upcoming Dungeons & Dragons game.


I’m looking very forward to this game!

Another good week.  See you next time!