Hobby Update 23/02/18: Muh Rebs Representin’

Hobby Update 23/02/18: Muh Rebs Representin’

February 23, 2018 0 By Tavendale

This hobby week started for me with a messy hobby room.  Things just pile up.  In my case it was paints, boxes, wooden buildings and others odds and ends.  A tidy was definitely in order:

Tidying up

Didn’t take too long.  That done, I spent a lot of time putting together a set of wooden buildings for Infinity from TTCombat.  This was accompanied by a bottle of wine, because why not:

They turned out alright.  The walkways in particular were a lot easier to put together than I expected.  Not sure what sort of colours I want them in.  Do I want dark colours with metallics, or white/off-white with a bright colour to go with it such as orange or blue?  We’ll see.

I did a little bit of painting, making a start on some USAriadna models for Infinity.  I think I have the colour scheme pinned down.  Basic, but good for me:

ariadna painting

I love the models for Infinity but I do worry about doing them justice.  That said, I need to stop worrying and just dive into painting, churning out more models to a decent (for me) standard.  Overthinking!

Finally, last night I got the chance to introduce a new player to my favourite game.  I love, love, love Star Wars: Rebellion and it was nice to play as the Rebels for a change:

I did win, but it was great to my opponent go from a slow, not-so-great start to really finding his stride in the second half of the game.  I’m looking forward to playing him again, now that he gets how the game works.

Until next week, ta-ta!