Hobby Update 19/01/18: Rattlecan, I Choose You!

Hobby Update 19/01/18: Rattlecan, I Choose You!

January 19, 2018 0 By Tavendale

Hello all!  This has been a relatively quiet week hobby-wise.  The biggest accomplishment has been a big pile of models finally getting some primer on them:

Yep, I dragged a few boxes into the garage and attacked them with rattlecans.  I’m not sure what set will get attention first, but I’m thinking it might be the Ariadna for Infinity or possibly the Shadespire miniatures.  We shall see!  You can read a bit more about spraying and my goals for airbrushing over here.

There have been some other bits and bobs, too:

I’ve been putting together some MDF buildings for my Malifaux board.  Not sure yet how to paint them, but I will work something out.  I’ve also been trying to work out how to paint translucent Malifaux miniatures whilst maintaining some of the cool see-through plastic.  In 40K, I’m having a go at painting a little test model for a possible Flesh Tearers army.  Not had time to finish that model, and am away this weekend, but I should be able to crack on with it next week.

In terms of gaming, it’s also been a quiet week.  My Wednesday group broke out Pokemon Master Trainer, which is a pretty dire roll and move game, but it looks pretty.  It can be fun with the right group, and we had a laugh with it.  I definitely had to laugh as victory was never coming my way in this game:

Hope to get a more interesting game on the go next week, and definitely a bit more painting!