Hobby Update 16/03/18: Clankin’ and Questin’

Hobby Update 16/03/18: Clankin’ and Questin’

March 16, 2018 0 By Tavendale

This week began with a rummage through the cupboards at my parents’ house, just seeing if I’d left behind any of the Daemon miniatures that I’m going to need to put together.

I had not.

What I did find was a shoebox of nice, green Space Marines:



On Wednesday, we had another game of Clank.  This was a funny game, with most players delving deep into the dungeon, but one not managing to get very far at all.  In the end, two of our four adventurers made it out alive whilst the other two were roasted by the dragon.


I managed to clinch second place, even with my character being burnt to a crisp!

At club on Thursday, I picked up a model from a friend, painted by another friend.  My Grey Knights have not been used since 5th edition and are not painted.  They don’t look great this edition, but I thought I’d take up the offer of this Kaldor Draigo miniature for when I get around to them:


This was painted by Alex an occasional writer on this blog.

I also borrowed a copy of the Infinity RPG Player’s Guide from another friend to have a flip through:

infinity rpg

He’s keen to run a game of Infinity, so was offering a couple of player’s guides for interested parties to peruse.  Will hopefully get a chance for a flip through it this week!

Finally, I got to try out Arcadia Quest.  It’s a game that’s seen a lot of play at the local club, but I’ve always been doing something else.

I had a great time with this.  It was especially great that we were playing with a fully painted set and had a huge range of characters to choose from.  I like how simple the system is and how much room there is for interaction, cooperation and backstabbery.

All in all, a good week!