Hobby Update 13/04/18: Golem Edition

Hobby Update 13/04/18: Golem Edition

April 13, 2018 0 By Tavendale

On Saturday we visited some friends in Falkirk.  It was nice to catch up and also to break out some games.  We played Kodama, Coup, Bananagrams, Hero Realms and Cards Against Humanity.

I really enjoyed our game of Kodama, as I felt that I’ve not been playing it well, but habe recently come around to it and am making better choices in-game.  Coup was also fun, but it is one of my absolute favourites.

I also wiped two titles off my list of shame on Sunday, playing Santorini and Long Live the Queen with my wife.

Santorini is such a pretty game!  It’s simple, but the various player powers add in some variance and depth.  Really enjoyable.  Long Live the Queen is also fantastic but it will take me another few games to really get my head around how to play it well.

I was on Holiday this week so there was not so much time for games.  We did play some Hero Realms on the train, but I didn’t get a photo of that.  I did pick up a few items though.  They included some Games Workshop miniatures, Dominion Adventures, Century Golem Edition and Aristeia.

So far, I’ve only played Century and it is really fun.  When I first opened it I was very impressed with the quality of the components.  Then we got stuck in for a few games.

Like Santorini the game is quite simple at its core, but has a lot of room for tactics and decision-making.  I enjoyed the game with two players but am really looking forward to trying it with more.

Catch you next week!