Hobby Update 12/01/18: Bugs, Trains, Sisters and Blood Bowl

Going to try and make this a weekly thing, sharing pictures of hobby activity over the last week.  I’m trying to do something each day, whether that’s a board game, some painting, building some models or whatever.

Gamewise, I didn’t manage to get to my usual games night on Thursday this week.  I did run my after school group, where we played a few rounds of The Resistance and a game of Specter Ops.  I forget my phone, so I didn’t manage to get pics of these games.  At home, I played a few rounds of Hive and a game of Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries, which is my favourite flavour of Ticket to Ride.  Both of these games are pictured below:

I’ve started off the year painting some Malifaux figures.  Specifically, I’ve painted up the Hired Swords/Viktorias crew for the Outcasts and the dynamite dude, Willy, for the Arcanists.  I’ll get around to painting up Mei Feng’s crew for him to hang out with.  Here’s what I’ve painted up this week:

Finally, I’ve also been building models.  This week, it’s been mostly Blood Bowl miniatures, with Goblin and Skaven teams along with a couple of bits of terrain for Age of Sigmar:

It’s been a decent week, all in all.  It will be better games-wise when I can go along to my Thursday group again next week.  I’m hoping to do some spray painting this weekend so I can do some more painting next week.  Unsure as yet what that will be, but I’ll work something out.

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