Hobby Update 09/03/18: Creating Characters

Hobby Update 09/03/18: Creating Characters

March 9, 2018 0 By Tavendale

Part of the problem of this week has been that my phone has never been charged at quite the right times, and I’ve missed out on a lot of photos!

First up, I’ve done a little more work on my USAriadna for Infinity, laying down some more of my base colours.  If I can get another couple hours with them to paint their trousers, flesh and leather I can move on to washes.  I’m very aware of the slump my painting has been in since my initial little flurry at the start of the year.  I need to break this habit before the upcoming 40K slow grow league.   of course, my phone was dead at the time I was painting, so no photos were taken.

40k ban.jpg

I’ve been deliberating over this league for much of the past week.  The question is whether to go with Orks or Daemons.  There are positives and negatives to both, but I’ll be putting up a post about this later in the week detailing these deliberations.  By then I may have changed my mind several times over!

The group I run on Wednesdays had a go at the DC Comics Deck-Building Game this week.  They’ve played it before, so it went quite smoothly.

DC Deckbuilding 4

I actually didn’t make it along to the start of this week’s session, so didn’t join in the game.  A colleague ran the group instead whilst I finished up a meeting.  I also managed to forget my phone, so even when I arrived and joined the group, I couldn’t take any photos!  Damnit!

On Thursday night, I was again a bit late, but got a nice game of Arcane Academy in.

arcane academy.jpg

I do love this game and was delighted when my opponent, in his first game, really got his head around the synergies and managed to edge out a narrow victory!  He definitely had a stronger board than me, but I think I held my own with my focus on spells.

After this game, we all got around a table and broke out the 5th Edition Players’ Handbook for Dungeons and Dragons to create our character for an upcoming game.

We had a good time doing this and I feel that our group is quite varied in terms of styles of player and levels of experience with RPGs.  I’m really looking forward to this game.  I’ll be doing a little article on my character over at No Rerolls at some point – but probably not until we finish things off next week.

It’s been an alright week, hobbywise, and I look forward to hopefully having more pictures to share next week!