Hobby Update 09/02/18: A Gang of Great and Gorgeous Gateway Games

Hobby Update 09/02/18: A Gang of Great and Gorgeous Gateway Games

February 9, 2018 0 By Tavendale

It’s been a good week for gaming!  I got to play a lot of games, most of which are relatively light ones – the sort often referred to as Gateway Games.  Delightfully, this has included one new (to me) game.  

First up, I got to play Carcassonne, an old favourite which is very dependable with all sorts of groups.  

We played with 6 players.  This was a lot of fun, but I will say that with this many players, and with a group as competitive as this one, it didn’t seem that many castles got completed.  I ended up winning by a couole of points.  

Later in the week, we broke out another favourite.  Despite all of the other deckbuilders out there, I do still love Dominion.  We played a three player game of it.  

Our chosen kingdom cards made for a tense game, with loads of Thief and Spy cards being played, and being doubled up by Throne Room cards, just to really bring the pain.  Because of all the thievery nobody wanted to buy any gold and the game took a while to ramp up financially.  Another close game that I ended up winning by a small margin.

The next game we broke out was Coup.  Coup is my favourite social game, having overtaken The Resistance a couple of years ago.  I love that there are difficult, meaningful decisions to make and that they can be genuinely agonising. 

We played 4 rounds with 4 players.  Most were won by the same person, but I was delighted the eke out a win in the final game.  In the third game I was put out right at the start with a badly judged accusation of lies against a remarkably honest assassin.  

Finally, to end the evening on Thursday as everyone else was leaving, I settled down with a single opponent to try out Onitama, a game I received at Christmas from my mother-in-law.  

For such a simple and seemingly minimalistic game, it had a lot of depth.  We played two rounds with different sets of action/movement cards and the two playef out very differently.  The first game we played to something of a stalemate with a set of very one-sided cards that saw us both largley moving toward our rrspective lefts.  The second hame had a more balanced set of  cards and was more interesting.  I ended up winning, much to the surprise of my opponent who reckons he needs to get better at reading my cards upside down.

The game also looks fantastic – especially thr gorgeous play mat.  

In terms of painting/modeling there’s not been much progress this week.  The only real news there is rather unexciting with the arrival of a set of round bases to possibly rebase old Bretonnian models as Nighthaunt spirit hosts for Age of Sigmar. 

Not the most exciting of pics, but it is what it is, I suppose.  

Catch you next week.