Hobby Update 06/04/18: Sparky the Wonder Dog

Hobby Update 06/04/18: Sparky the Wonder Dog

April 6, 2018 0 By Tavendale

The week started off with an evening of games.  We played one game of Dead of Winter, which is pictured below.  We also played a couple of games of the DC Comics Deckbuilding Game, for which there are no pictures.

The highlight of this game for me was my little star, Sparky the Wonder Dog who, by the end of the game, was armed to the teeth.  He was carrying a shotgun, a sniper rifle, a pistol and was in the midst of reading a guidebook for leadership.  Smart mutt.  The game went well and every player managed to secure both the team’s goal and their own secret objective.

Saturday saw the annual painting contest at the local games club, The Northern Knights.  I’m going to share the pictures I took, but there are better photos on the club’s Facebook page.


The first category I’m going to share is the Grot category.  Four of us painted these wee guys on the day.  My own Grot is the one carrying a pair of pistols.

The next category was for models painted on the day.  There were four entries for this category and they all looked really good.  I didn’t enter this one, choosing instead to play some games, but it was a strong category this year:

The single miniature category looked great this year, with 9 entrants.  My own effort was my Flesh Tearers Primaris Lieutenant.  I liked the variety of models this year, with not everyone putting in power armour or 40K and a few non-GW entries.

I like that our large model category this year is dominated by Age of Sigmar models.  No tanks!  My entry was a Legion of Everblight Warbeast.  It really didn’t stack up against some of the other entrants, but I hadn’t actually been expecting to enter this category.  Originally, my battlegroup was going to be my entry into the squads category, but I switched them out at the last minute so thought I may as well chuck him in to make up the numbers.  Some really beautiful models in this category.

The squads/units category was another strong one.  I think it tells you a little about our club’s recent interests that of the seven entries, three are Shadespire warbands.  Of the remaining four, two are from 40K, one is from Batman and the remaining unit is my own brood of Skyfires from my Age of Sigmar Tzeentch army.

Midweek, my in-laws were up to visit and we broke out some of our favourite family games.  We had a very competitive game of Settlers of Catan and a few rounds of Codenames: Disney.

Codenames is a perennial favourite and my wife was keen to break out the Disney edition she got for Christmas.  Catan is another reliable hit and, as is often the case, the game was very close.  If another player had just one more card in their hand on their last turn they would have won but, as it was, I managed to squeak out a narrow, narrow victory!

We also got a new game this week as a gift from another guest who brought us the German edition of Ticket to Ride: Germany.


This is our sixth box of Ticket to Ride, so needless to say it is one of our favourite games.  My favourite edition is the Nordic one, but I’m keen to try this out, too!

Finally, we had a little session of Dungeons & Dragons.  I arrive early for a change and we had some downtime before the game could get going.  Whilst waiting, we had a quick game of Hero Realms, a great little deck builder.


Then we moved on to the first session of our new D&D campaign.  My Tiefling Sorceror took a bit of a beating but managed to survive the evening.  I spent a lot of time trying to set fire to goblins and turning rats into soup using acid.  Fun times!


I’m on holiday next week, so I’m not expecting to have much to share.  I might manage to squeeze in a couple of games, and I might get the chance to build some miniatures in my downtime.

Catch you next week!