Hobby Update 04/05/18: The Brightest Army

Hobby Update 04/05/18: The Brightest Army

May 4, 2018 0 By Tavendale

The week started off with a weekend event at our local games club where we all got together to play some Warhammer 40,000 in advance of our upcoming slow grow league.  I broke out some of my recently sprayed Pink Horrors in a shockingly bright wave of daemons magic:

I played three games.  The first was against Eldar and I got crushed by a combination of swooping hawk fire and Doom from the Farseer.  My second game, which was against some Necrons, went better for me and I won.  Our third games was a doubles game that saw my Tzeentch allied with another player’s Death Guard against the previously played Eldar and Necrons.  The forces of Chaos scored a narrow victory in this game.

On Wednesday, this box of goodies arrived on the doorstep:


This brings me up to date with all of the materials from two of my favourite RPGs; Paranoia and Dresden Files.  Looking forward to running another misadventure in Alpha Complex when I can.

On Thursday, with the Northern Knights, we played a game of Dead of Winter.  It went really well and, although we took a while to actually start working towards our objective, we scored a victory for every player.  It did get quite close, as we were down to our last point of morale, but we got there!

As we were playing Dead of Winter, others were playing some Age of Sigmar.  It was cool to see the Idoneth Deepkin take to the field.  The player did have to proxy his basic troops, as he had not yet finished his kits, but the army seemed to do well:

I was impressed by the Ship terrain piece.  it was bigger than I expected.

There was also some 40K being played, but I didn’t manage to get pictures of this.  I did manage to nab a quick pic of some of the Harlequins that were used.  I really like these models, though my shots were a tad blurry:

To round off the night we played yet more Century: Golem Edition.  This should be no surprise, as I have been playing this every week since purchasing it at Easter:

Love it!

Catch you next week!