Hobby Update 02/03/18: Dropzone Sigmar

Hobby Update 02/03/18: Dropzone Sigmar

March 3, 2018 0 By Tavendale

A little late on this one due to work, snow and pub quizzing, but here goes…

Not much to report this week at all.  Both of my groups were cancelled due to the weather.  All I really have to share are pics from the Northern Knights weekend event where I played a little game of Dropzone Commander and a big, 4 player game of Age of Sigmar.

Let’s start with Dropzone.  This was my first game of Dropzone Commander, a wargame that I’ve seen played at the local club quite a lot and which I definitely have an interest in playing.  With that in mind, I was very keen to try it out at our weekend session and I got an intro game.  Handily, there were Shaltari available for me, as that is the army that first caught my interest when I originally saw the game.

I really enjoyed the game.  It was straightforward in principle, but I immediately got the impression that it’s a game where movement and positioning are key.  Definitely going to have to give it another go!

We then played a 4 player game of Age of Sigmar.  Each of us brought a different Grand Alliance to the tabletop, which was pretty cool, and we each fielded 1000 points.  We took a lot of pictures of this game:

It was good.  It was pretty hectic.  It was really not the best setup for my Tzeentch boys.  They are heavy on shooting and magic.  I got to do these things once per round.  What they suck at is combat and I had to do that during every player’s turn, meaning I had to survive four combats per round.  This was not ideal for my army, but I could see it going well for other, more combat-oriented armies.

That said, good game with a lot of back and forth.  Also, those massive horde units of zombies are a real pain to deal with.

Hopefully will get a bit more hobby time next week!