Hobby Resolutions 2016

It’s been another great year, hobby-wise. I’ve run a couple of RPGs and played in others, done a small amount of painting, played plenty of board games and generally had a good time.

Before looking at this year’s resolutions, let’s see how I did with the last set:


Paint more. I have always had a horrible habit of purchasing more models than I actually paint. This has been aptly illustrated with the completion of only about 33 to 36 models in the past two years in the form of a trio of Blood Bowl teams. I have already started this by harnassing my enthusiasm for Wyrd Games’ Malifaux game to paint up a couple of crews. I’m enjoying getting back into the swing of things, but I hope I can maintain the pace.

I did not maintain the pace. I got about three starter crews painted up before losing steam. I did manage to do a little more painting in the summer, completing a naval battle group for Dystopian Wars. I’ve yet to put pictures up, but they will be forthcoming… at some point… eventually. This resolution was something of a failure.

Burn through the pile of shame. I have a fair few board games in my collection that I have yet to actually play. Among them are some particularly meaty titles like Twilight Imperium 3World of Warcraft and Dark, Darker, Darkest. I’d really like to try to play more of the games I have had sitting for a while.

None of the listed games were played, but others were. Twilight Struggle and Shadows Over Camelot were both games that I got around to playing this year. There are still too many games in my cupboard that have not seen play, but I have managed to play some them, whilst also buying far, far fewer games this year to add to the pile of shame. I’d say that I was quite successful in this resolution, though I could have done better.

Be more positive about my hobbies. I need to stop apologising for or feeling embarrassed by my hobbies in mixed company. Games are a far more engaging experience than watching movies or sports, and the painting aspect is a great creative outlet. I need to stop being self-deprecating about what I do. A start is to stop referring to our games group as “Geek Club”.

This has been successful. I am far more positive in my discussions of my hobby with outsiders, no longer apologising for my interests. Definitely a success, this one.


It’s a bit disappointing, but this year’s resolutions are going to be largely the same as last year’s. Two of the three were not fully accomplished, and I really want to make them work. So, for 2016, we have:

2015-08-18 12.40.48

  • Paint more! I don’t know a miniature wargamer that does not share this resolution, but I really need to make it work. I’m not even that fussed about what I paint. It could be Batman miniatures, MalifauxDystopian Wars, or whatever takes me fancy… just paint something.

Twilight Imperium 3

  • Continue to work through the pile of shame – particularly the larger, impressive-looking games that have sat dormant for too long. I am looking at games like RexTwilight Imperium and Merchant of Venus here.


  • GM some more RPGs. Being a player is fun, but I much prefer the role of GM, and I think I am better at it. I had a lot of fun with my Vampire: The Masquerade group and would love to branch out into new systems. This could be in person or online over Skype, but it needs to happen.

I do hope to do a bit better this year, but these goals are, of course, quite arbitrary. With our without meeting last year’s targets, I still had a bloody good year that involved a lot of great stuff in my hobby, but also a lot beyond that. I got married last year, went back to university, and got a new job. I know this is the place where I get to blether on about my hobbies, but I do have to acknowledge a sense of perspective, that not everything is about games and sometimes the lack of activity on the hobby front is indicative of other things taking priority. Am I growing up?

God, I hope not…

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