Heroes of the Storm: Trying Out Mecha Tassadar

I picked up a new skin on Heroes of the Storm for one of my favourite character: Tassadar. Mecha Tassadar is really cool, completely revamping the original skin in favour of one that has that classic Transformers look. Here are the two side by side:


How awesome does that look? I was really keen to try it out and jumped into a quick cooperative game. I also recorded it:

I really like the option to transform into a plane instead of using a mount – though you can use a normal mount instead if you want to. The sounds, animations and moves have also all been tweaked. I really like it when a skin is complete like this, changing every cosmetic aspect of the character rather than just recolouring the model.

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  1. This is a very old topic, but I got really curious and wanted to ask about it. Did they changed the way Tassadar look? Like the main skin, it doesnt look the same as this one in my game. Or is there an any specific graphic settings that affect this? If you can let me know, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

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