GMT Reveal Final Game Map for Reprint of 1960

I’ve previously written about my thoughts on GMT’s P500 preorder system (spoiler: it’s great) and I currently have three games on  preorder through it.  These are:

  • Churchill: Big Three Struggle for Peace  
  • 1960: Making of the President  
  • Mr. President  

All three look very interesting to me.  Churchill should be getting dispatched now-ish, so it should hopefully be in my grubby hands sometime in the next few weeks.  Mr President seems a bit further off, seeing as it is still in development, but I’m loving the updates that we’re getting on the progress.

The third game, 1960, is in the process of being redesigned.  Previously, the game was published by Z-Man Games, but GMT are now doing the reprint.  They have just put out the final design for the reprinted game board:

Looks alright, doesn’t it?  I mean, it’s a little on the bland side, but hey, that kinda makes it more GMT-ish.  That’s not really a criticism, GMT have a style it’s a bit more muted than many other companies.

Anyways, let’s compare the new board to the old one, shall we?  I ask that rhetorically, of course, since you cannae really answer me… yeah, old board:

Hmm, there are actually elements of each board that I like.  The general graphic design and colours of the old board are a lot more fun and stand out more for me.  That said, the new board has far more functional clarity, and I do like that everything is set out neatly.  I also like the state names, or initials, being a lot more prominent on the new board.

When I first saw the new board, I was disappointed.  I said as much on GMT’s Facebook page.  However, with a little bit of time, it has really grown on me and I think I actually prefer it to the old one.  I like that it fits more into the 60s aesthetic.  I also like the prominent pictures of the candidates and the game’s name.

All in all, despite initial disappointment, I’m actually really happy with this design and it has me really pumped for the eventual release!

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