Games Workshop Reveal Kharadron Overlords for Age of Sigmar

Games Workshop are rapidly turning Age of Sigmar into what seemed like a total flop into a credible hit.  The system has grown significantly since release and more and more excellent models are being released.  I’m particularly impressed with the new spins that they are putting on old ideas.  The latest of these are the newly announced Karadron Overlords.

These steampunk dwarfs look really interesting, and I think they will get a lot of people who had perhaps dismissed this new edition of Warhammer to take a second look.  I also feel that they might get a few Warhammer 40,000 players interested, as the models could easily be repurposed as Squats, the long-discontinued space-dwarf army.  Today, I’m sharing loads of great images of the new army.  You can click any of the thumbnails for a bigger, clearer view.

Here are some of the released images of the infantry:

The flying troops are really cool!  I love the heavy weapons troops too, particularly the hand-held organ gun.  There have also been some incredible pictures of the upcoming vehicles for this force:

Amazing steampunk vessels!  These really set the tone for the army.  I imagine they will be very expensive, but they would make fantastic centrepieces for an army.

Games Workshop also released some great teaser images, showing painted models in context with cool backgrounds and atmospheric lighting.  These really help to set the tone for the army!


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