Freebie Friday: Board Game Rules Summaries

This week’s freebies are a selection of player aids and rules summaries for a large selection of board, miniature and roleplaying games.  These are courtesy of a fantastic website, named The Esoteric order of Gamers.


Each of the summary sheets gives a brief, clear outline of the rules.  I’ve used these summary sheets to help teach myself to play several games, and they often contain both a single rules summary and number of smaller, individual player aids which summarise turn sequences, icons and the like.  Here a few of my own highlights from the extensive list of games that the site covers:

You can click here to visit the master list of games.  Once you’re on the site, you can also access the ‘Games’ menu to organise by genre, rather than the alphabetical order that the master list uses.

There’s also a blog on the site, with lots of cool updates and articles.  I particularly like their unboxings!

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