First Impressions: Dystopian Wars

Last night, my Italian fleet faced off against Adam’s French fleet in my first game of Dystopian Wars.

Dystopian Wars: First GameThe game got off to a bad start for me and I quickly lost two of my three light cruisers, the ships that I reckoned would be my most flexible and useful tool in this battle. The game did turn though, and I quickly avenged these early losses, coming back to eventually win the game. Speaking as a new player, there was too much going on to recount the whole game and I will instead just share some general impressions.

I found the French fleet’s heat cannons particularly frustrating for the number of dice they brought to each salvo and the fact that every shot had the nasty side effect of setting fire to my ships. That said, I like that so many of my ships have shield generators which definitely came in handy as the game progressed. The engineers of my fleet also allow me to reroll one failed shield roll which further increases my resilience. My fast torpedos are also excellent at taking out squadron ships as they do now allow other ships in the squadron to deploy concussive charges in support of their allies.

Movement seems incredibly important in this game and I need to work on maximising my available weapon options by better positioning my ships. Much like in my beloved Malifaux, I have found that activation control is also crucial and that if you are able to hold a few ships back until your opponent has none left to move, then you are at quite an advantage.

That is all I have for now on last night’s game, but I hope to get some more games in very soon. I probably will only get one more in at most before I head south for a couple of weeks, but I can really see myself playing a lot more Dystopian Wars.