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I have a new post up at NoRerolls.  Here’e a little preview of what you can expect if you pop over and read it:  

Another start to another irregular series, this time looking at events, movies, books and such that have provided inspiration for some roleplay!  

This weekend, I travelled down to Huntly for the White Wood Gala.  Deveron Arts, the Huntly-based managers of the project, describe the wood:

The White Wood was planted by and for the community of Huntly in 2015, from Caroline Wendling’s Oaks & Amity project. It is a living monument to peace and will officially launch on 28 May at the White Wood Gala and opening ceremony.

Here are a few pictures from the White Wood Gala.  Some are by me, whilst other came from my sister, who was one of the managers of this fantastic project:

Much of the day was inspiring for one reason or another.  For example, Satish Kumar gave me a lot to think about in terms of my work, whilst it was also very interesting to meet some of the Syrian refugees who have been resettled in Aberdeenshire.  To bring us to the focus of this site and put things in terms of roleplaying, the story of the White Wood, as told by storyteller Ben Macfadyen was very interesting.

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