Fight Night

Had a Nostalgia-filled evening with some old friends last night, grabbing a mixed tandoori and throwing it down in some classic fighting games.

Dominion: Intrigue

We actually played a card game first, running through a quick game of Dominion (using cards from the Intrigue set) where I went heavily into gold in an attempt to buy my way to victory. The others were also using Masquerade cards, so I was quite confident in allowing myself to pick up curse cards when they played Torturer, safe in the knowledge that I had a good chance to pass those cares on later. Sure enough, I was able to pass them on to my somewhat bemused wife. I was sure I had won, but I did not. I actually came third in what was a very close – and very fun – game.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

We then moved on to some fighting games. This was great as I spent the night with the guys I grew up with, playing the games I grew up with. We started with some Mortal Kombat and I utterly dominated. It was not until what we decided would be the last round of MK that I was finally taken down.

Tekken 3

If this made me cocky, it was not to last as we loaded Tekken 3. It was my tirn to get schooled and I think I won two games out of 8 or so. I won a couple with Ling Xiaoyu, a character I have always really enjoyed.

Guilty Gear XX

We then tried some Guilty Gear, a current favourite of mine, and I won with my go-to girl, May. The response in the room to this game was not as I might have hoped and between the visual style, pace and sound effects, we didn’t stick with this one.


Then we switched to the daddy, the game that we adored as kids and spent countless hours on: Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It’s just a perfect fighting game, but one that I was never the best at. I did well as Sakura and Ryu, but ultimately lost most of my matches.

Last night was a great trip down memory lane, and one that I hope to repeat again and again. We did play a couple of other fighters earlier in the evening before both of my guests arrived. I won resoundingly in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and broke even in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

So, yeah… still on that fighting game kick!