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Favourite Articles

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The nature of a blog means that as more articles are posted, older offerings are pushed down into obscurity.  On this page, I will list some of the articles for which I have a particular fondness.  Articles are organised into categories.

Roleplaying Articles

‘What Alec Bourbon Said’, or Why Fluff Matters – An article on why a game’s background ‘fluff’ matters, particularly in relation to roleplaying games.  The first article on this site that I was really happy with.

The Dresden Files RPG: Game Sessions (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6) – A session-by-session account of a The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game campaign I ran with my local group.

World of Darkness, Chronicles of Darkness and Christianity – An examination of the role of Christianity in the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness settings.

RPG Books: Paper or Digital? – A discussion on the pros and cons of digital version of roleplaying game books.

One World of Darkness – My reaction to the news of Paradox purchasing White Wolf from CCP.

Board Gaming Articles

Dismantling a Monopoly – A look at some great games to replace Monopoly.  I do believe that if more people were aware of the alternatives, they would choose these over this ‘classic’.

Getting a Clue – A look at some deduction games that would replace Cluedo.

Droll and Move – A look at a selection of games that use dice effectively, building randomness into a game, rather than just creating a game entirely based on randomness.

Starting a Board Game Collection (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) – A series of articles on starting a board game collection.  Many recommendations are given, with a rationale given for highlighted games.

The Beauty of Asymmetry – An article on asymmetry in games and why it makes play more interesting.

Dungeon Crawls Part 1: In Your Dungeon, Killin’ Your Dudes – A look at the dungeon crawl genre of board games.

Dungeon Crawls Part 2: In Your SPACE Dungeon, Killin’ Your SPACE Dudes – Another look at the dungeon crawl genre of board games, but this time with a sci-fi theme.

Are Card Game Reskins the Shovelware of the Tabletop Hobby? – An examination of frequently reskinned games, posing the question of whether this constitute ‘shovelware’.

Twilight Struggle: Factions and Regions – A critical look at the different geographical regions in the game, Twilight Struggle, and how they are used in the game.

The Resistance: Adventure Time (Print and Play Design) – My home-made Adventure Time edition of The Resistance.  Lots of images of the set I made.

Mini Gaming Articles

Characterful Cross-Faction Crew Construction – An article on thematic army construction in miniatures games.  There is a particular focus on Malifaux and Warmachine.

Video Gaming Articles

Classifying Video Games in the News: Tech or Entertainment? – A short examination of how video games are classified in the mainstream media.