Fantasy Flight Games Purchases Legend of the Five Rings

Exciting news from Fantasy Flight Games! They have forged a deal to buy Legend of the Five Rings from AEG!


A popular RPG setting and an out of print CCG, Legends of the Five Rings represents a great opportunity for FFG to add another great RPG and Living Card Game to their existing roster. Fantasy Flight Games lay out their plans thusly:

The current incarnation of the Legend of the Five Rings CCG will be complete with the release of the Evil Portents expansion from AEG. After that release, the game will go on hiatus until FFG relaunches Legend of the Five Rings as a Living Card Game®, or LCG. The Legend of the Five Rings LCG is scheduled to be released in two years at Gen Con Indy 2017.

For players unfamiliar with the LCG model, a Living Card Game offers regular, non-randomized releases that include full playsets of every card. In its new form, Legend of the Five Rings will use this release format, rather than “blind” boosters that contain randomly assigned rare, uncommon, and common cards. Instead of spending their time chasing hard-to-find cards, the LCG distribution model allows players to focus on building decks by buying a single expansion that includes a full playset of every card in that expansion. For more information about Living Card Games, click here.

The transition of Legend of the Five Rings from CCG to LCG impacts far more than just distribution model. As the game is reimagined and relaunched as an LCG, we will be implementing significant design changes, but we will ensure that the spirit and emotional impact of Legend of the Five Rings remains intact. By introducing a new mechanical design, we hope to open the game for a new generation of players to join the veteran samurai who still battle for Rokugan. Across the transition to LCG, our developers will ensure that the game maintains its pervasive themes of honor, nobility, magic, intrigue, duty, and warfare and that these themes continue to drive the game and the narrative forward.

In addition to the new incarnation of the Legend of the Five Rings CCG as a LCG, we are excited to explore new possiblities for Legend of the Five Rings in the roleplaying space. At the current time, we don’t have many details about this, but we will reveal more as the details become clear.

Fantasy Flight Games have a really good track record with their living card games and I am keen to see how this turns out, particularly since I’ve never actually played Legend of the Five Rings in its current incarnation.


If you are interested in reading the full original post, click here to visit Fantasy Flight’s official website. I’ll be keeping an eye on this release, even it is quite far off at the moment.

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