Days of Wonder Essen Preview: Ticket to Ride UK Map

As a huge fan of Days Of Wonder’s Ticket to Ride series of games, I was very excited to see the preview they have put up of this year’s Essen release, the Ticket to Ride United Kingdom map.


I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long for a UK map to be made, with the UK so far only making a brief cameo appearance in Ticket to Ride: Europe. In a completely logical step, Days of Wonder are also including Pennsylvania map in this pack.


I mean, if you don’t understand the connection then you don’t deserve to know. Or something.

I’ve not actually bought any of the expansions maps for Ticket to Ride, though I do own two versions of the game. These are the original core games and the two to three player Nordic Countries set. I guess this will be the first map pack I will buy!


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