Cool 18th Anniversary Deal on Oddworld at GOG

There is a great little deal on for another day or so at GOG.  It features a series that I grew up playing.

I loved Oddworld, both Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exodus.  Abe, for those who don’t know him, is a pathetic wee chap.  He is a Mudokan, a race that has been enslaved by an evil corporation and been made to work ceaselessly in their factories.  Abe discovers his latent psychic powers and goes on an adventure to free himself and his people.

The game was always good looking, but with resolutions what they were, they haven’t aged all that well.  That is why there is a new, enhanced edition available.  Here are side by side views of the old and the new styles:

The difference is staggering, no?

Here are another few screenshots to show just how beautiful the new game is.  Bloom lighting everywhere!  I especially like that final, late-night image:

GOG’s deal, which is very time-sensitive, includes not only the first two games in the series and the new remake, but also the HD edition of the one game in the series I did not play, Stranger’s Wrath.  I don’t think the visuals of this game, even with their HD makeover, hold up as well as the original two games in the series.  Here are a few images from this game:


It’s a good wee pack of fun.  If you’re interested, and you’ll have to be quick, you can find it over at!

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