Coming Soon From Wyrd Games: The Other Side

These images have just surfaced on Twitter and they have me very excited!

Other Side


The Other Side


This image was also posted by Pyrflamme, a user on the Wyrd forums:

The Other Side

The reference to both ‘Earth’ and the ‘Other Side’ (probably meaning the other side of the Breach, meaning Earth) lead me to really hope that this will be a spinoff game to Malifaux set on Earth. This has a lot of great possibilities and the rumour mill is already grinding away. Here are some of the interpretations I have seen:

  • A spinoff game with more factions and inbuilt interchangeability , like Warmachine and Hordes
  • A mass-battle game a-la Warhammer 40,000 or the likes
  • A board game
  • An expansion for Through the Breach which sees the fight spilling through from Malifaux to Earth
  • A completely different, sci-fi themed game

Whatever it is, I am really looking forward to finding out more! I do hope it explores what is happening back on earth as the Guild focuses their attentions on Malifaux, and if it is a higher model count game, it will fill a different niche to that of Malifaux and hopefully have some crossover potential. The humans are dressed in much the same way as the guild, and are armed similarly, though perhaps a tad more advanced in their guns and mech which would fit the theme, given that magic is far less common and potent on the Earth side of the breach. The scale is also questionable, given the sheer size of that mech and the largest of the beasts. 120mm bases incoming?

An army of Malifaux-themed minis? That could be good, if they stopped putting such stupidly tiny and delicate parts onto their sprues!

Exciting times!

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