Busy Times, Busy Times!

I have been on holiday for the past 2 weeks and my, it has been a busy time.  The first week, my mother came to stay with us in our remote little corner of the world.  I showed her around my workplace when she helped me carry some boxes in, went out for walks most days and played a lot of Bananagrams and one game of Cards Against Humanity that my wife found very awkward to play with my mother.


In the second week, we took a six hour drive south to visit our parents and see some of our friends.  One of the big highlights this week was the naming day for our friends’ son.  It was a great day and my wife did a reading at the ceremony.

I also spent a few days visiting, observing and working in other schools and specialist units in the area, looking for ideas or inspiration for my own work.  This was a lot of fun, but also surprisingly tiring.

In terms of gaming, I got in some games of Twilight StruggleDiscworld: Ankh-Morpork, DixitCosmic Encounter and Cards Against Humanity.  I also picked up some models for Infinity at Stirling’s Common Ground Games.

Looking to get back on the horse this week, as there are lots of cool things coming up in the land of tabletop, a couple of video games that I am keen to try and my attempts to get back into painting for the first time since I finished up my first set of tiny boats.

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