Bundle of Holding: Traveller Little Black Books Bundle

I am a big fan of the Bundle of Holding, a website that offers themed bundles of RPG PDFs for amazing prices. The revenue from these deals is split between the bundle site, the publisher and the publisher’s chosen charity.

Examples of previous themes that I have bought into are horror games, Trail of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Victoriana and an indie showcase.


The latest deal is for a selection of PDFs for the original sci-fi RPG, Traveller. The contents look pretty awesome, as the site explains:

For just US$6.95 you’ll get our Starter Collection with eight titles (retail value $31), including the three original Traveller manuals (in their corrected 1981 editions), several supplements, maps, useful forms, and much more. And if you pay more than the threshold price of $15.88, you’ll level up and also get our entireBonus Collection of eight more titles (retail value $26), including the indispensable Mercenary and High Guard rulebooks and the rarely seen Lightning Class Cruisers.


So, in real money (sterling), that’s about a tenner for a decent collection of sci-fi RPG awesomeness. You can find the deal over at Traveller @ Bundle of Holding for the next few days.