Bundle of Holding: The Strange

An exciting Bundle of Holding this week!  I didn’t bother linking the last bundle as it was a Lord of the Rings one that looked both tedious and surprisingly expensive for one of these bundles.  This time we are treated to quite a new game.  The Strange is an interesting game that I have actually had a look at before.  I had  flip through the book at Common Ground Games in Stirling and was impressed, but unsure if I wanted to shell out for it at the time.  The premise is potentially a bit woolly, with no real setting, but rather an excuse to use a multitude of settings.  Bundle of Holding describes it well:

In The Strange, recursions — limited pocket dimensions with their own laws of reality — are seeded from human fiction and mythology. A recursor might discover Atlantis, Oz, the Victorian London of Sherlock Holmes, and places even more bizarre. You can go absolutely anywhere, to any fictional setting or imaginary realm — including every RPG campaign setting you’ve ever played.

With no single setting and no rules really tailored to a single scenario, it does open things up rather well.  The rules are built to be applied wherever you want them and if you can’t find a good setting yourself, the second tier of the bundle includes a source books of 70 setting (or ‘recursions’, to use the game’s own term).

The first tier of the bundle give you the following for the paltry sum of $9.95:

  • The Strange (retail price $20): The beautiful full-color 418-page rulebook with character creation, sample recursions, and the complete Cypher System. Includes the free recursion Ohunkakan: The Living Myths.
  • The Strange Player’s Guide (retail $8): Create characters, explore the setting, and learn how to play with this 96-page extract from the complete rulebook. Includes six pre-generated characters.
  • In Translation: The Strange Character Options (retail $10): More than 50 new abilities for paradoxes, vectors, and spinners — moves, revisions, twists, descriptors, and foci.
  • Swordbreakers (retail $3): These elite operatives in the Ardeyn recursion can be an affiliate organization for characters who want to expand their horizons.

If that’s not enough – and it probably isn’t with this bundle, you can also level up by paying the threshold price (currently $19.21) to unlock the following::

  • Worlds Numberless and Strange (retail $17): A 226-page guide to nearly 70 new recursions.
  • The Strange Bestiary (retail $15): 140 bizarre and imaginative creatures encountered on Earth, Ardeyn, Ruk, Crow Hollow, and Atom Nocturne — all compatible with Numenera.
  • The Dark Spiral (retail $10): Investigating the drug Spiral Dust, the operatives fight the malign alien Dustman. These linked adventures make an ideal starting campaign.
  • Plus The Strange GM Screen (retail $2) and the introductory adventure Eschatology Code (retail $4).

For fans of Monte Cook, it is with mentioning that the actual mechanics of The Strange are very, very close to his previous RPG, Numenera, meaning that it will be easy to go from one game to the other and there is a lot of crossover compatibility.

As usual, 10% of your payment will go to charity – in this case that charity if Human Rights Watch.  You can click here to go to Bundle of Holding and pick up this deal, should you so wish.  I am!

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