Bundle of Holding: Osprey do RPGs? Huh…

I have never really associated Osprey with role playing games. As a company, they have made their name on the backs of a litany of dry-but-useful historical and military sourcebooks. Stuff like this:


More recently, they have come out with a line of small, interesting, pulpy miniature games like In Her Majesty’s Name (Victorian sci-fi/steampunk), A Fistful of Kung-Fu (martial arts movies), Ronin (Feudal Japanese skirmish) and more.

The new Bundle of Holding introduces us to another aspect of their output that I was totally unaware of: RPGs. Under the brand, Osprey Adventures, Osprey have released a number of books in various formats. In this bundle, you can pick up the following core books for $7.95:

  • Thor, Viking God of Thunder 
  • Sinbad the Sailor 
  • Dragonslayers

As usual, you can level up your pledge to get access to a few more PDFs. Currently, the second tier is going for $18.42:

  • Orc Warfare 
  • The Wars of Atlantis
  • Knights Templar: A Secret History
  • Steampunk Soldiers 


If you are interested in picking up the Osprey Adventures bundle, you can click here to visit Bundle of Holding.

If they are anything like the Osprey books I have read, they will be immaculately referenced…


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