Bundle of Holding: Nest of Spies

The newest Bundle of Holding covers a genre I have little knowledge of, but which I am interested in. Spy-fi is something I have been vaguely aware of, but have looked at more in the contect of miniature gaming, with games such as Crooked Dice’s 7TV and the excellent Pulp Alley. At first glance, I was surprised to see Demon: The Descent in this bundle, but on reflection is does make sense.

Unlike the classic World of Darkness title, Demon: The Fallen, which takes a very Christian view of the titular demons, Demon: The Descent is far more agnostic. It takes on the concept not of God, as represented in any specific religion, but rather uses the God Machine that is central to the plot of the new World of Darkness (or Chronicles of Darkness now, I guess) and specifically the second edition. It takes away the overt religious tone and replaces it with a game that does feel like an allegory of cold war espionage. It’s very different to other Chronicles of Darkness games and seems a little understated when compared to some of the more flamboyant titles such as Changeling: The LostVampire: The Requiem, or Mage: The Awakening.

The first level of this deal will bag you four solid spy-fi titles for a very reasonable $9.95:

  • Classified (Expeditious Retreat Press, retail price $12): Clean your tuxedo and ready your Walther — this retro-clone (remember Victory Games?) gives the world’s most famous British secret agent serious competition.
  • Covert Ops (DwD Studios, $10): Secrets, seduction, infiltration, and deception of every kind from classic spies to paramilitary intelligence. Includes the GM Operations Manual and The Usual Suspects, a book of ready-made NPCs.
  • Spione (Adept Press, $10): Ron Edwards (Sorcerer) designed this innovative historical game of Cold War intrigue in Berlin. Build scenes where agents keep losing friends and companions until you come in from the cold. (Previously presented in our April 2015 Indie Spring Festival.)
  • Spycraft 2.0 (Crafty Games, $20): The D20 Modern RPG of action-adventure, master villains, vile henchmen, cool gadgets, car chases, and even hacking and brainwashing.

As usual, you can level up and get some more titles. In the case of this deal, you will get expansions for some of the titles in the first tier, as well as Demon: The Descent. The price for this will shift over time, but is currently sitting at a shade over $20:

  • Demon: The Descent (Onyx Path Publishing, retail price $25): Play the Unchained, fallen angels who defected to humanity and now fight a covert war against the God-Machine and its screaming biomechanical angels.
  • Classifed: Operation Rogue Lion (Expeditious Retreat Press, $7): Travel from Zanzibar to Botswana to Macau to solve a little problem involving lots of diamonds.
  • Covert Ops: Five Short Assignments (DwD Studios, $14): These five Covert Ops supplements present cyberware, new roles and responsibility, and three globe-spanning adventures.
  • Spycraft: World On Fire (Crafty Games, $15): A Spycraft 2.0 setting where Cold War spy action never ended.

Purchases will also benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation and can be purchased by clicking here. You can also find out loads more about spy-fi games by visiting the wonderful Modus Operandi, a fansite for this particular genre of RPG.

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