Bundle of Holding: Murder Parties

Despite stereotypes to the contrary, tabletop gamers – unlike those villainous vidya gamers – are social creatures.  All of our games are social experiences where we sit around a table with like-minded friends and play together.  Roleplaying games are particularly good for this, as they are essentially collaborative, social storytelling experiences.  We are social creatures.

The latest bundle from Bundle of Holding recognises this, featuring a selection of event-based party games.  These ‘murder parties’ have been around for years, but most of the ones available in the mainstream are just crap.  These ones seem quite promising.

The first tier of this bundle will set you back $19.95 and gives you four games for 6 to 30+ players.  It gives a good range of themes, ensuring that you’ll find some great opportunities for dressing up, from the relatively straightforward Hawaiian theme of Lei’d to Rest to the more ambitious western theme of Way Out West.  There’s not much else I can really say about these specific titles, as I’m not as familiar with these offerings as I have been with previous bundles.  Here are the full contents of the bundle:

  • A Will to Murder (6-9 players, retail $30): In 1930s Britain, a wealthy family feuds over the last will of their murdered patriarch.
  • Lei’d to Rest (6-12 players, retail $30): A luau gone bad at a Hawaiian beach resort.
  • A Heroic Death (8-12 players, retail $30): The Superheroic Justice Doom Squad has to save the world, but first they must escape their volcano headquarters.
  • Way Out West (10-14 players, retail $30): The party’s on at the Silver Dollar Saloon in Cactus Gulch, 1884.


As usual, there is a second tier to this bundle, priced at a threshold.  That threshold is currently priced at $30.45, netting you the first tier and a further four titles.  I think I prefer the themes of this second tier, featuring pirates, wizards and classic Hollywood.  I imagine that the Arabian Nights game could have the potential to slide into overt racism, but some people might enjoy that.  The full contents of this tier are:

  • Davy Jones’ Locker (10-15 players, retail $30): In Tortuga, 1785, Caribbean pirates aim for the big haul — or the keelhaul.
  • Spellbound (13-17 players, retail $30): At the Tremaine School of Magic, students must investigate a memory-loss mystery while also taking final exams.
  • Arabian Nights (18-24 players, retail $40): An hour after the Sultan announces his daughter’s betrothal to handsome Prince Ala ‘ad-Din, the young prince is found dead in the marketplace.
  • Hollywood Lies (16-32 players, retail $50): At the post-award party for Dazzled to Death, film stars and producers wheel and deal despite the sad death of the award-winning star.

This doesn’t seem to be among the best or most polished bundles that Bundle of Holding have put out, but it’s a bit different and quite quirky, so it did catch my interest.  I don’t know that it’s something I will pick up, as I don’t expect to have the sort of opportunity or group that the games require.  If it’s something that would interest you, you can click here to visit the bundle page.

As usual, a charity will also benefit from this bundle and in this case it is Human Rights Watch.

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