Bundle of Holding: Deadlands Classic


A new Bundle of Holding has appeared, this time focusing on the classic edition of Deadlands, the weird west RPG. Here is how the site describes their latest bundle:

Time to saddle up again, Marshal! The surviving Rail Barons of the Great Rail Wars have resurrected our May 2014 Deadlands Classic Bundle, featuring the original 1996 Weird West tabletop roleplaying game designed by Shane Lacy Hensley of Pinnacle Entertainment. This huge collection of DRM-free, non-watermarked .PDFs gives everything you need to protect the Weird West of 1876 from the Reckoners.

This is the classic, standalone version of Deadlands, rather than the newer Savage Worlds setting, which is also very good.


Deadlands is a mix of western and horror with the original premise of the game having been ‘cowboys and zombies’. It also brings in shadowy agencies, religious fanatics, magic and, because it is a wild west setting, Native Americans. The game lets you play as living or as undead, with one of the supplements in this bundle focusing specifically on the creation of undead characters. I’ve had more experience with Weird War II than with Weird West, but I’m up for giving it a go!


The set contains a good selection of books under the usual two-tier setup. The first tier costs $7.95 and contains:

  • Weird West Player’s Guide (retail price $7.50): The core book for players, with the original rules and setting that started it all. [Note: Deadlands has been adapted to several rules system. This revived offer re-presents the 2004 revision of Pinnacle Entertainment’s flagship 1996 game and its supplements.]
  • Marshal’s Handbook (retail price $7.50): The Game Master’s guide to the Weird West of 1876.
  • Fire & Brimstone (retail price $3.75): The Blessed folks of the Weird West — Baptist Bible-thumpers, frontier rabbis, soapbox evangelists, and wandering Buddhist monks.
  • Hucksters & Hexes (retail $3.75): The soucebook for magic (and poker) in the Weird West.
  • Rascals, Varmints, & Critters (retail price $3.75): Scores of Deadlands desperadoes, abominations, and freaks.
  • Smith & Robards Catalog (retail price $3.75): A full range of weapons and equipment, plus New Science gizmos and rules for fantastic devices and the madm– um, geniuses who create them.

The second tier currently costs $14.62, though this changes based on the average donation. This tier contains:

  • The Agency: Men in Black Dusters (retail price $3.75): One of the highest-rated Deadlands supplements, this training manual documents secrets the Agency (a secret service of the Weird West) doesn’t want you to know.
  • Book o’ the Dead (retail price $3.75): The secrets of those who have passed beyond the veil — and back. New rules for generating undead heroes, as well as over 50 new mystical Harrowed powers.
  • Canyon o’ Doom (retail price $3.75): The native peoples call it the House of Stone and Light. In its shadowed depths, unnatural things wait. An epic 128-page adventure.
  • The Collegium (retail price $3.75): The intrigue-filled association of mad scientists in the Great Maze boomtown, Gomorra, and their newest, least stable steamtech inventions.
  • Ghost Dancers (retail $3): The sourcebook for Native American Shaman characters, their powers, and the Happy Hunting Grounds where mad spirits dwell.
  • Law Dogs (retail $3.75): About law enforcement, and the enforcers who have to be as ruthless as the outlaws they pursue.
  • Lone Stars (retail $3.75): The Texas Rangers sourcebook!

If you are interested in picking up this bundle, click here to visit the page.

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