Bundle of Holding: Changeling: The Lost

Another fantastic World of Darkness themed Bundle of Holding!  This time it’s the turn of Changeling: The Lost, a beautiful game in the World of Darkness line.  In this game, you play as a Changeling, a survivor, kidnapped by the Fae to reasons of entertainment, revenge, cruelty or some other capricious cause.  You have lived with the Fae.  You have eaten their food.  You are imbued with some of the powers and qualities.  You escaped.  Upon returning home, you find that time has moved differently in your absence.  Perhaps you were away for mere days, whilst years have passed in the real world, or perhaps you were away for decades whilst only minutes have passed,  Either way, you’ve changed and you cannot return to your life as it once was.  You are lost.  I’ve written before about how much I love the story of this game.

The first tier of the bundle will cost you $17.95 and will get you everything you need to play Changeling: The Lost.  Crucially, this tiers contains both the core Changeling book and the core World of Darkness book, as both are needed to play this game.  The books are slightly different in tone and style, but both exude tone and atmosphere in their art and background material, and are packed with rules for these great games.  Of the supplements included in this tier, Rites of Spring is the most interesting to me, expanding on Fae magic, opening up new possibilities for players and the storyteller.  The full tier includes:

  • World of Darkness First Edition (retail price $15): The complete 226-page core rulebook (2004) of modern urban horror that underpins Changeling: The Lost and the other Chronicles of Darkness settings (Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, Hunter: The Vigil, and more).
  • Changeling: The Lost (retail $20): The complete 352-page Storytelling game of the escapees from Faerie and their struggles in the modern world. Includes the free demo kit Dwelling in Darkness with quick-start rules and pregenerated characters.
  • Swords at Dawn (retail $17): Changeling duels and warfare, Talecrafting and the workings of Fate, artifacts and relics, and the Court of the Dawn.
  • Rites of Spring (retail $17): The first of the “seasonal sourcebooks,” all about changeling life, the Hedge, and Fae magic. As for the other three seasons — keep reading!
  • Personae: Ready-Made-Characters (retail $5): Jump-start your chronicle with these detailed Changeling player characters.

The second tier is priced at a threshold that, at the time of writing, is sitting at $29.75.  This bundle contains several cool supplements.  I’ve written before about how much I love the Goblin Markets supplement which, although comparatively light on flexible content, scores highly for theme, concept and execution.  The rest of the season books are in this tier also, filling out the different courts and fleshing out the background of the game.  There’s no single must-have in this tier, but the whole ensemble is great and expands upon the core book very effectively.

  • Dancers in the Dusk (retail $17): The realms of dream and nightmare, Hedge-towns and hobgoblins, new Contracts and Entitlements, and the Dusk Court.
  • Lords of Summer, Autumn Nightmares, and Winter Masques (retail $17 each): These three “seasonal” sourcebooks cover the Courts and their noble Entitlements, freeholds, enemies and antagonists, and the Seemings and Kiths that shape a changeling’s life.
  • Goblin Markets (retail $7): The dangerous magical bazaars of the bizarre where changelings make deals and find plot hooks.
  • Changeling: The Lost Storyteller Screen (retail $2): Useful reference charts.

You can click here to visit the Bundle of Holding site and pick up this bundle.  The charity that will benefit from this promotion is the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which seems an appropriate choice, given the theming of this game.


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