Bundle of Holding: Bundle of Nerves +4

The latest bundle from Bundle of Holding features another selection of horror RPGs.  I adore this type of game, which is evident from my previous coverage of these bundles and my obsession with the World of Darkness games.  The tabletop is a fantastic arena for immersive, imaginative horror – especially if you can find a group that really buys into it.  It’s also a versatile genre, where you can go quiet and sinister, strange and bizarre, loud and campy or any combination.  It’s so open and full of potential.

What’s interesting to me about the games in this latest bundle is that I really know nothing about any of these titles, which is unusual.  That said, although I have now purchased this bundle myself, I’m not really in a position to comment on the contents until I’ve had a chance to properly read through at least some of it.  The first tier of the bundle will set you back $8.95 for four games:

  • EPOCH (Imaginary Empire, retail price $8): The “Experimental Paradigm of Cinematic Horror” — character- (and card-) driven horror-movie survival adventure.
  • Shadows Over Sol (Tab Creations, retail $15): Hard-sf horror in a dark Solar System two centuries hence, from the designer of Against the Dark Yogi.
  • The Hell House Beckons (Kiel Chenier, retail $12): An Old School haunted-house toolkit and adventure of brain-cauterizing terror.
  • Sins of the Father (Third Eye Games, retail $10): You’re hellborn — your soul was sold long before you were born. Can you get it back?

The second tier include two titles I’ve at least heard of in form of Ten Candles, which was recommended to me recentlyand Breakfast Cult, which I’d had a brief look at and decided it looked incredibly fun.  The second tier is priced according to the average payment and currently sits at $23.08 and gives you access to a further seven titles:

  • Undying (Magpie Games, $15): A diceless Apocalypse Engine game of generational vampiric intrigue, a tribute toVampire: The Masquerade.
  • Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors (Dead Gentlemen, retail $15): The 2015 Fate-based Second Edition of this ridculous-horror RPG of small-town monster fighters.
  • The Cold Ruins of Lastlife (Magpie Games, retail $10): A Dungeon World Chaos World of undead characters seeking lost memories.
  • Breakfast Cult (Liberi Gothica Games, retail $15): School days meet the End of Days in this Fate Accelerated game of detention at Occultar Academy.
  • Ten Candles (Cavalry Games, retail $10): Tragic horror in a darkened room with ten tea candles. When the last candle goes out….
  • EPOCH: The Experiment Continues (retail $7): New rules and four scenarios take EPOCH into new horror-movie genres.
  • NEW! Undying: All Men Must Die (retail $3): Undying designer Paul Riddle adapts his game to handle medieval court intrigue a la Game of Thrones.

As I mentioned, I picked the bundle up myself, as it really grabbed my interest.  I don’t know much about the titles yet, but the charity being supported by this bundle is Save the Children.

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