Building Bushido Savage Wave Starter

Unpainted Bushido Starter Set

Had some downtime the other night and put together a starter set for Bushido. I’m not sure where these guys will end up sitting in the painting queue, as there are a lot of models in there at the moment.

Here are the built models:

2015-07-22 22.30.17 2015-07-22 22.32.39 2015-07-22 22.32.15 2015-07-22 22.31.39 2015-07-22 22.31.20

The models are okay in terms of quality and I really like the aesthetic of the Oni model. Savage Wave is the only faction in Bushido where I feel that the model quality and aesthetic, whilst not perfect, is at least consistent through the range.

I’m looking quite forward to painting this lot. I think I will go with the standard red for the Oni, but I’m not sure what colours to use for the others.

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