Battle Systems: Urban Apocalypse Kickstarter

No Alphabet post today. Fewer posts in general, as I have been travelling for work.  I have a little bit of time this evening and decided to take a look at Kickstarter.  Look what I found!

I backed the first Kickstarter from Battle Systems for their clip-together cardboard sci-fi terrain.  They followed this up with another Kickstarter for fantasy-themed cardboard terrain.  Both were good sets, and I can speak first-hand about the sci-fi set, but the fantasy version was essentially just a reskin of the sci-fi one.  A bit like Warhammer: Age of Sigmar!  Boom!  Zing!  Geekslap!

This latest set is a thing of beauty.  They have taken what they have learned from designing and delivering on their previous projects and created a more ambitious, thematic set.  Here is what you get in the standard pledge:


This looks good to me, and I think it represents decent value for money, covering a full 2 square feet in beautiful terrain.  The inclusion of a game mat is also a big improvement over their previous offerings, which relied on tiles, which were harder to keep still and aligned.

If you’re interested in backing this Kickstarter, you can click here to visit their campaign page.

As an aside, it’s also nice to see Hasselfree Miniatures getting a little love by being featured in all of the images.  They make great models, but I don’t hear as much about them any more.

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