Articles by Tavendale

Progress on My Hobby Resolutions 2017

With more than half of 2017 now behind us, it’s worth taking a look at how those resolutions are coming along.  Although I’ve been less than active, I’ve still been doing hobby stuff with gusto….

The Grauniad Continues to Grok Board Games

Although I’ve said before that I’m not too bothered about whether or not tabletop gaming becomes ‘mainstream’, it’s still nice to see mainstream publications giving my hobby some positive attention.  The Grauniad (also known, less…

14 Hour Time-lapsed Twilight Imperium 3

This is excellent.  Reddit user Plolock has shared a fantastic time-lapse of one his recent games of Twlight Imperium 3.  TI3 is a fantastic game, but it is also long and cumbersome.  This video boils down…