Another Awesome Gargantuan from Privateer Press

I suppose this is a look at a new release, but that’s not really the reasons for posting this picture. There’s not really a good reason other than just how damn pretty some of the big models for Hordes are. The Warmachine ones are nice too, of course, but their colossals have the same problem that I see in many of the warjacks – they just all look the same. There are some nice twists to the colossals to make them stand out a little more, but they are still just really big Warjacks. The Battle Engines for Warmachine are a lot more varied and I do like those. I seem to have meandered away from my point… Oh, yes… behold:


The Glacier King is the latest Gargantuan for the Trollbloods and he is bloody fantastic looking. The ice on his back, the cool jaw, the veins breaking up what would be a lot of flat surface area… it all just works.

Here are a few of my favourite big models for Hordes and Warmachine:

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