Alphabet of Entertainment: H is for Hit Somebody

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Music: Hit Somebody


As you can probably tell from the name of this blog, I am a big fan of the late, great Warren Zevon. Hit Somebody was one of his few single releases and was created during the late revival in Warren’s career in the years leading up to this death. It’s not his best song, but it’s catchy and is a really good hockey song.

Here is a video of Warren performing Hit Somebody on David Letterman’s show. Letterman’s band leader, Paul Shaffer supports and calls out the titular line, “Hit Somebody!” whilst Warren’s son, Jordan Zevon plays and sings from the back:

The song is originally from the Life’ll Kill Ya album, which has a load of great songs on it, especially I Was In The House When The House Burned Down and For My Next Trick I’ll Need a Volunteer.

Television: Have I Got News For You


I really wish that UK television had a real equivalent to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Channel 4 have tried and, in my opinion, they have failed to produce a similar show. What we do have is Have I Got News For You.

With the departure of original host Angus Deayton in 2002, the show has since adopted weekly guest hosts with the two team captains, Paul Merton and Ian Hislop (editor of Private Eye, which will probably make an appearance when we get to P), being the permanent fixtures. The show gets a huge range of guests, both in the host’s chair and as panel members. Most are good, some are amazing and a few are terrible, but the show is consistently good. It’s funny, and that is not something that is to be taken for granted.

This is the 25th year of the show and I really do think that is still well in its prime.

Video Games: Homeworld Remastered Collection


Homeworld and Homeworld 2 were sci-fi, space-based real-time strategy games by Gearbox Software. They were complex and rich games that had a bit of a Battlestar Galactica vibe going for them story-wise. Recently, Gearbox have turned their attention away from their Borderlands series and returned it to Homeworld, putting out a Homeworld Remastered Collection which consists of graphically updated versions of both of the games in the series and a combined multiplayer client.

I have dabbled in single player and tried multiplayer for the first time a few nights ago and it was really good. The game makes a big deal of stressing the the multiplayer aspect is still in beta, but it worked for us and was excellent. We stomped to victory and cooperative match and then I got stomped in a head-to-head game, but I loved every minute. Well, I loved every minute except for the last few when I was watching my mothership (the core unit of the game that acts as your base) being obliterated.

Gearbox have done a good job of preserving the gameplay of the original whilst producing a visually stunning update. I just wish I could get my head around some of the three dimensional positioning mechanisms…

Miniature Games: Hordes


Privateers Press are the purveyors of Warmachine and Hordes, two different games that are, in actuality, basically the same game. They are even compatible with one-another and you can quite happily use your Hordes army to destroy your opponent’s Warmachine force. Hordes has always seemed to play second fiddle to Warmachine, being generally less popular and certainly having a lower profile. I feel that this is unfair.

The games are mechanically almost identical, but the models are quite different. Simply put, I feel that Warmachine‘s warjack miniatures all pretty much look the same. They are boring. Hordes, meanwhile, is full of variety and has so many cool and interesting models. Here are a few that I have picked out to share with you today:


See the variety? See the quality? See how cool they are? Great stuff!

As far as the game itself goes, it plays well. The rules are quite straightforward and make combat relatively simple. Certainly, the logistics of combat are more manageable, with only a couple of dice being used rather than the buckets of dice that some other wargames have you throw. The rules (available for free on the Privateer Press website, as I have already discussed) are also considered to be quite competitive, and there is a thriving tournament scene for this game.

The background fluff is also really cool, with the Iron Kingdoms RPG now expanding to cover Hordes as well as Warmachine.

This is a system to should definitely try.


I just want to give you a quick heads-up before go, as I think that I will move onto I next.

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