A Return to Smite

With Smite being recently added to Steam, I was prompted to return to a game that I really liked but had not played in several months. I think it was because the MOBA part of my gaming life was taken up by, in turn, League of Legends and then Heroes of the Storm. I logged in, took a look around, noted the changes to the queueing system (not sure if I like those) and queued for a quick Arena game as Ra.

In Smite, you play as a god from one of several different pantheons including the Egyptian, Roman, Norse and Greek pantheons, as well as several others.


The game plays much like a traditional MOBA with the main deviation from the standard formula being the third-person perspective that it employs. You are behind your character looking over her shoulder, rather than above her and looking down on the map.

Here is the game I played. Note that I do quite badly, but am still carried to victory by a team who was much better than me:

I like how Ra plays. I also used to like Anubis, but was keen to go a ranged character for my first game back, allowing me to keep my distance and maybe be a little more survivable.

The game is still a lot of fun and, with the new Steam integration, it might see a little more play from me in the future.

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