A Quick Dip into Injustice: Gods Among us

Having tried out Injustice at a friend’s house last night, I thought I’d have a quick go at it when I got in from work. I am still loving fighting games at the moment and I really loved this game from my first shot at it last night.

I am still getting the hang of the controls and all those other excuses, but here is a quick video of the game in action. In this fight, I am rocking Hal Jordan, aka The Green Lantern:

You can tell that the game is made by the same folks that make Mortal Kombat because of the over-the-top finisher moves. They just scream Fatality! The destructible environments are also a great feature and add a real sense of fun to the different levels.

I’ve found that I particularly like the fast characters like Harley and Selena. Looking forward to getting more play out of this one.

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