Malifaux Update: 22/02/15

My enjoyment of Malifaux continues apace and I am trying to get games in when I can. Today, my goal is to get a bit of painting done, as i have not painted anything since completing my first two crews at the starty of the year. To this end, I’ve been doing a bit of spraypainting. Here is the latest batch:

Malifaux: Spraying

This assortment includes the Hired Swords (Viktorias) set and my entire Rail Crew, including the Rail Crew (Mei Feng) set, Willie the Demolitionist, Howard and Joss from the M&SU (Ramos) set, the Rail Golem and three Metal Gamin. Got a lot of painting ahead of me!

I have also been working on other crews, including my Jack Daw crew, including this chap:


This is my proxy for the currently unavailable Monstressor. I have used the Solomon Grundy model from the Batman range as the base, adding a hat and a hanging victim which, I believe, is an old model from the Foundry – at least it came in a job lot of Foundry cowboys I picked up at a bring and buy sale a few years ago.

I have also picked up these old Wyrd miniatures for use at The Guilty:

Proxies: The Guilty

Finally, to represent Jack Daw’s totem, Lady Ligeia, I used the Mourner from the Hell Dorado range:

Hell Dorado: Mourner

Really looking forward to putting this gang together, but a little intimidated by the apparent complexity of the crew.