Nintendo of Japan Release Amiibo Stands

Having only just returned to Nintendo after my recent purchase of a New 3DS, the whole Amiibo scene is quite new to me.  There’s a lot of potential in them, and many games make good use of them.  I’m training up a Ganondorf Amiibo just now in Smash Bros, myself.

What I think is their main selling point, beyond any potential use in games, is that they are just nice objects and are highly collectable.  Now, Nintendo of Japan are releasing some cool, themed stands for the wee guys.  The first of these, is a set themed around the Kirby series of games and characters:

How cute is that, with all the wee bits and pieces to place?  I like how it all folds up into a little card, as well.

The second stand is themed, of course, around Smash Bros.  Naturally, this means it has some raised platforms and a Smash Ball that you can move around the stand.  The graphics, and these other touches, do capture the feel of Smash Bros rather well, though this stand is far simpler and less ‘busy’ than the Kirby one:

Price-wise, Nintendo have them up for ¥864.  In real money, that’s a little less than £6, so these are clearly meant to be simple trinkets, rather than a solid, detailed display item, and that is absolutely fine!  Always a place for the cheap and cheerful!

I’d be interested in getting a good look at these, with the intention is scaling up something similar, so as to build appropriate and thematic terrain on which to play a miniatures game with Amiibos.  I kid myself that I have time to do that…

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