More Super Dungeon Legends Information Released

More information from Soda Pop on their upcoming Kickstarter for Super Dungeon Legends!  First up, the campaign will launch in October.  This is good because I can borrow someone’s child and send them door to door for sweets so I can eat without spending any money, thereby letting me throw more of it at Soda Pop Miniatures.


They also go on to explain that you will need an existing Super Dungeon Explore starter set to play.  Then they explain a little about the three books around with Super Dungeon Legends is based:

The core of Legends is its three rulebooks: Hero Handbook, Consul’s Grimoire, and the Explorer’s Grimoire

The Hero Handbook is the complete guide for advancing your Heroes between adventures. It teaches you how to unlock new skills and abilities, go shopping, craft new items, and provides roleplaying tips to make a unique party of Heroes all your own! The Hero Handbook also includes a guild creation guide, which allows players to choose from multiple Heroes depending on the adventure.

The Consul’s Grimoire teaches players how to create unique adventures, enhance monsters, and craft a story all your own in the world of Crystalia! Central to the Consul’s Grimoire is two complete premade campaigns with multiple adventures and unique fiction designed to get you playing right away.

Begin your exploration of the Super Dungeon universe with the Explorer’s Guide! This tome details the history, geography, monsters, and key locations of every realm in Crystalia; as well as providing detailed information on the world’s history, heroic races, religions, and organizations. If you enjoyed Forgotten King’s Explorer’s Handbook, this expanded guide is going to be a true treat.

With more information being trickled out, this is starting to get exciting.  I’m pretty sure that our local club will be able to put together enough people for a campaign when the time comes, so I am really looking forward to this Kickstarter campaign.

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