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VGC Day 21: Game With the Best Story

How could it be anything else?  Lucasarts, back before they were just a shell dealing with licenses – back even before they decided that churning out uninspired Star Wars game after uninspired Star Wars game was a viable…

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VGC Day 20: Favourite Genre

This is a difficult one, and I find myself torn between three answers.  I do love strategy games and RPGs, but the winner has to be the adventure genre.  I’m a sucker for a good…

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State of the Blogs: Stats and Thoughts

I find blog stats interesting.  I currently write on three blogs, and I have also written on a fourth which is now defunct.  I don’t run adverts – though I would consider it if I felt…

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New Blog Pages

I have added two new pages to the site.  These are the Favourite Articles and My Collection pages.  You can click those name to go straight there or read below for a little more information….

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VGC Day 18: Favourite Protagonist

Guybrush Threepwood is the hero of the Monkey Island series.  He is a quick-witted, ambitious wannabe pirate with a penchant for puzzles and feelings for the governor, Elaine Marley, who would become his wife. He has…


VGC Day 17: Favourite Antagonist

At the start of the original Portal, GLaDOS is the computerised voice that guides you through the strange, alien environment of the Aperture Science facility.  It quickly becomes clear that GLaDOS is unpredictable and insane, as…


VGC Day 16: Game With the Best Cutscenes

I’m going to cheat again and pick a developer, rather than a single game.  Blizzard make the best cutscenes, both graphically and in terms of capturing the feel of their games.  My absolute favourite was…